Kalis Global, a specialist shooting and training solutions Provider Company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is offering services in numerous sectors comprising of  shooting range design, Range planning, Range building and maintenance, as well as other services in relation with law enforcement, military, sport and VIP shooting facilities.

Our team’s experience and expertise covers broad spectrum of activities, from understanding client’s requirement, initial designing, and project management, successfully handling various shooting ranges projects throughout the UAE and Middle East as well as end to end design, development and engineering tasks from the shooting training business.

In our work, we rely on maximum procurement and production happening within the UAE, and we are the only company which is able to provide all kinds of bullet traps including Escalator/ snail trap, Venetian trap, Polymer trap, Sand Trap etc. fully designed, engineered and produced within the borders of United Arab Emirates. That way, not only that we support local economy, but we are lowering the cost for our clients, we are able to easily adopt any detail necessary, we can offer maximum flexibility to all our clients and we have the best response and delivery time of all other players on the market, in shooting range business.